Dare to think brave, Concentric force for development 2019/2/22
Dare to think brave, Concentric force for development Dongzhou Lawton 2018 year - end working conference to complete the development
From February 13 to 15, 2019, the 2018 work summary meeting of Shanghai Dongzhou Lawton  was held at the company headquarters in Baoshan industrial park, Shanghai. More than 70 people attended the meeting, including group and company leaders, functional departments of the headquarters, product centers, business divisions and branch heads. The working conference was successfully concluded for development. 2018 has been a tough year for eastern rotunda as it struggles to stay afloat. For comprehensive summary of the past year work experience and lessons, scientific planning, rational layout good 2019 each work, to ensure that the new year have work, a good step, a three-day meeting after listen to each unit annual work report, combining enterprise survival and development under the new situation, further defined the year 2019, company's overall business objectives and priorities. At the meeting, the general manager of the company Mr. LAN jianhuo on behalf of the company's management made a report entitled "dare to think brave, Concentric force for development  ". On the basis of reviewing and summarizing the work of the company last year, he issued the business performance target of 2019 and made a comprehensive deployment of the key work of the company in the New Year. Mr. Shen jian, President of dongzhou group and chairman of Dongzhou Lawton company, was invited to attend the meeting and gave important instructions. For the communications industry facing the serious situation of encounter in the process of the company in the survival and development and difficult situation, he was sure the company all staff over the past year of hard work and hard work at the same time, hope that we carefully summarize the achievements and experience, the problems and deficiencies in the face, in the New Year refreshing, unified thought, situation, a crisis for machine, face to face with challenge. Mr. Shenjian finally stressed that the start is the sprint, the beginning is the decisive battle! In the era of 5G with unlimited opportunities and challenges, as long as everyone shows the sense of urgency, the energy to seize the day and the sense of responsibility, and the courage and determination to burn one's bridge and fight one's last battle, we will be able to win this tough battle. During the meeting, heads of all centers, business divisions and branches, regional sales managers and the company solemnly signed the "business target responsibility certificate of 2019" on the spot, and the company also commended and awarded advanced individuals and excellent teams emerging in 2018.